3rd - 8th Grade Youth Mentoring

What is the Future Heroes program?

Future Heroes is a free 3rd-8th grade in-school and after-school youth mentoring program that creates opportunities for young people to have new experiences. The experiences we provide help our mentees develop purpose exposing them to things they have never done before and allow for the expression of new thoughts and new ideas.

How does it work?

After-School Mentoring 

We meet every Monday that USD 259 is in session at Chester Lewis Academy (1847 N. Chautauqua) in Wichita, Kansas from 6-7:30pm. Parents feel free to drop students off at 5:45pm in the West Parking Lot. Dinner is also provided every session where Heroes and Future Heroes eat together. 

In-School Mentoring

We meet throughout the week with groups of students inside their school setting. We work to help them develop their own personal identity. Whether in the classroom or on a group field trip, our Future Heroes start to find their purpose which leads to change in their everyday lives. 

What type of experiences do we create?

Fishing Trips, Art Projects and Shows, Sporting Events, Vocational Tours,  and more!