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"I like how mentors stay with you. They don’t give up on you, and when you are in trouble, they will always be there for you. They can come to your school and work with you. I like how we study and how we get to do various activities. We get to learn more things.”

Future Heroes Student - Kobe

Real Men Real Heroes works to diminish the gaps in knowledge and social skills among youth grades 3rd through 8th in our

Future Heroes program.


Through extensive weekly mentoring, we provide a safe and nurturing learning environment. We believe our Future Heroes are our next-generation leaders and we encourage them, through tutoring and character-building activities, to develop the skills needed to rise above challenges to achieve and experience life

at their fullest potential.

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Teen Heroes is a select group of young men and women in 12th grade who provide

peer-to-peer mentoring. 


Through Teen Heroes, we emphasize the importance of high scholastic achievement, help participants set goals and demonstrate self-respect. We anchor our work through our Real Men, Real Heroes Credo which states that Heroes are Honorable, Exemplary, Responsible and Optimistic.

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"RMRH has changed my life and the life of my friends. The influence it has on young people is second to none. It has created a pipeline towards success starting with mentoring young people and going all the way up to high schoolers in the teen heroes program. It is truly a light in our community.”

Teen Hero Student - Payton

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"In order for them to stay engaged, they have to care about it: their personal dream, goal or aspiration - who they want to become in life. This will drive them to take the steps necessary to accomplish their goals."

Hero -  Anthony Leeks

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 Our Heroes are men who exemplify our work, mission and, who most importantly, connect with our students in ways that help bring out the best in all.


They assist with our tutoring, character-building experiences and speak throughout our community in classrooms and at various organizations’ events. Request a hero to come to speak at your school

or organization.

Our heroes are nominated by community leaders and by members of our organization. Congratulations to all of our Heroes.



Special Events


in the park

This event gives the community a Christmas it deserves while providing access to a variety of resource partners.

This event for Wichita Public Schools’ BAASE Program focuses on broadening its male minority students’ perspectives about their career options beyond the world of sports and entertainment.


By celebrating more than their athletic and physical talent, the event focuses on their ability to provide greater value to society.





RMRH will provide opportunities that involve Wichita-area youth (grades 3-12) in place making, innovative activities and community engagement that will benefit neighborhoods within the
zip codes of 67208, 67214 and 67219.

Youth will submit ideas that are STEM and art-focused to introduce brand-new projects or to revitalize
already-existing efforts.
Through their participation, youth will be empowered to take part in building strong communities.

Made possible by the Evergy Investment Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation

This event uplifts students who have: been committed to the program, experienced academic success and participated in community involvement activities. A celebrity keynote speaker provides an encouraging word that helps students see the value in working hard and being resilient.





Culturally enriching experiences such as the Wichita Symphony Orchestra​, Kansas City Chiefs and Oklahoma City Thunder partnerships reinforces the development of: 

  • language skills

  • tolerance of diverse points of view

  • spatial intelligence



The RMRH program teachers students community engagement through volunteerism. Activities include: Mentoring, addressing assemblies, hosting Community Day, and volunteering at various community partner sites. These contributions add more than 5,000 hours of service to the Greater Wichita metro area.



The RMRH Character Development Curriculum is focused on continued cognitive development skills. Students learn to use concrete skills to develop more complex critical thinking skills.



RMRH Students learn the importance of academic excellence, with a STEM and literacy focus, career readiness and the significance of becoming lifelong learners. Students are able to earn essential work skills certificate badges in our Youth Employment Partnership; learn business acumen and participate in shadow opportunities through our Hero Speaker Series and Local Business Partnerships; participate in College and Tech prep and participate in college campus visits.