Hero to Hero Scholarship Program

This formal cross-age mentorship program supports the development of relationships between youth who slightly differ in age. Studies show that befriending, supporting and encouraging a slightly older/younger youth is a natural stage crucial to social development. This program differs from other goal-oriented models (better attendance, improved grades, etc.) in that the reliance is on building a relationship between mentor and mentee, and empowering mentors. We believe a more effective peer mentoring model allows the young people themselves to plan, develop, and implement the program over time as much as possible. 

H2H Scholarship Program allows:

  • Former mentees to serve as mentors as they graduate from the program. 

  • Mentors to alter the curriculum from year to year. 

  • Mentors to recruit the next class. 

Scholarship Amount: $500 - $1000 

GPA Req.: 2.0

Duration: July 2022 - July 2023

Time Commitment: 1 biweekly check-in with mentee, 1 monthly outing with mentee

*Prior to starting a mentoring relationship, mentors will be asked to attend a two-day mentorship training, hosted by RMRH. Teen mentors will be provided ongoing training as well as access to staff.